Maison Rouge infuses gastronomy and art

RetailME Bureau

Offering a unique dining and entertainment experience, Maison Rouge located at the Conrad Hotel takes a contemporary approach to the ‘Dinner and Show’ concept. Putting a unique spin on the traditional concept, Maison Rouge offers a dining experience that is colourful, flavourful and full of laughter.

Maison Rouge is a fusion of creative cuisine and visual performance arts, which effortlessly unravels the intimate story of the relationship between gastronomy and art. Guests are immersed in a truly sensory journey that oozes sophistication, drama and a lively party atmosphere.

Live performances take place daily. The menu concept is equally visually exciting, with drinks served in roses, displays of smoking ice and exquisite artistic creation that are almost too beautiful to eat. The menu offers a variety of international flavours inspired by cooking techniques from various corners of the world.

“Maison Rouge offers a unique experience, a wide selection of distinctive fusion dishes, in a setting that has been carefully conceived to offer diners the most memorable, and intimate show-stopping experiences. As a thoroughly international and cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers us the perfect opportunity to create a concept such as Maison Rouge. We look forward to entertaining our guests and offering Dubai a fun, yet sophisticated experience, like no other,” says Alexandra Vovchenko, co-founder of Maison Rouge.