Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre opens healthy lifestyle restaurant

RetailME Bureau

The Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre (DHTC) has launched a new food and beverage (F&B) concept called Eat Well, the first science-based nutrition and sustainable eatery in Dubai with gluten and sugar free dishes.

Eat Well is a health-conscious and Wellness Chef inspired concept with a menu catering to all pallets, from vegetables, legumes, meat and fish. It also offers a paleo, vegetarian and vegan food options. in addition, Eat Well follows a sustainable purchasing programme whenever possible by sourcing fresh from local farms, seasonal and organic.

“We aim to provide a universal, trusted standard for healthy and sustainable dining to DHTC patients and the public. Our focus is better-for-you meals aligned with health through food philosophy,” says Wellness Chef Patrick Ikinofo. “The instant success is proof of the increasing demand of consumers for meal options that are both healthy and environmentally sustainable and we look forward to this growth.”

Eat Well supports DHTC’s philosophy of ‘healthy is subjective’ that depends entirely on an individual’s particular circumstances, nature and goals. For years the DHTC has been treating clients with a personalised combination of alternative and allopathic treatments. Adding Eat Well to its philosophy extends DHTC’s commitment to wellbeing through bespoke meal plans, cooking classes, dining experience, hand-in-hand packages and wellness focussed events.