You must follow your dreams

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There is a special place in her heart for street vendors selling in street markets. Belonging to a Haitian family of street vendors she was exposed to the street markets very early in life. She grew up watching generations of skilled women street vendors in her family. No wonder she developed a keen interest in street markets. So deep was the impact that after getting a Bill Gates Scholarship to Dartmouth College in the US she travelled to over 22 countries tracking the stories of street vendors around the world.

Christine Souffrant, a 27-year old Dubai-based Haitian-American social entrepreneur, talks to RetailME about the creation of Vendedy – a platform that connects travelers with street vendors – reflecting, in many ways, the story of her own life.

Three things that you love about street markets: I love street food. From grasshoppers in Mexico to shawarmas in Dubai, every place has its own delicacies to offer. I also love handmade art – wood art, stone art or canvas painting – that requires real talent and skill. And I love services, like doing hair styling on the streets – that holds a special appeal.