ICONS Coffee Couture opens its first outlet in Abu Dhabi

RetailME Bureau

After Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah ICONS Coffee Couture, a fashion and lifestyle coffee shop chain offering a healthy take on desserts, launched its first outlet in Abu Dhabi at the Deerfields Mall.

“I’ve always had a sweet-tooth, and have often had to forego some of my likings as they clashed with my lifestyle as a professional model,” shares founder Elena Weber. “So I decided to set up ICONS to make it possible for everyone to indulge sometimes without guilt.”

“Our all-new ice-cream bar introduces a concept of healthy ice-creams. We are also excited to introduce the super rare Panama Geisha beans to our coffee couture segment – one of the best and the most expensive coffees in the world. I am keen on our journey to Abu Dhabi and hope to bring about a new passion of fashion and clean eating,” she adds.

“It’s exciting to have introduced our healthy ice-cream bar at our Deerfields outlet. We are looking forward to bringing new ways to keeping the city fitter and happier with fresh offerings and are set to make Abu Dhabi leaner,” states ICONS Coffee Couture’s German executive chef Lara Allegra.