Red Sea Mall continues supporting young entrepreneurs in the Kingdom

RetailME Bureau

Jeddah-based Red Sea Mall believes in offering growth opportunities to local entrepreneurs to grow and sustain their business in a competitive landscape. Towards this end it has been offering space within the mall to deserving entrepreneurs.

Recently at the on-going Entrepreneurs Exhibition and Forum in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Mall, main sponsor of the event, has committed to offer free booths to two deserving entrepreneurs for a whole year.

The deserving candidates will be selected by the evaluation committee consisting of six judges led by Bandar Arab, manager of Minor Projects Center at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Red Sea Mall manager AlRayan Qaddori; and Amal Al Ghamdy.

The committee will nominate four booths out of which two will be selected. The winners will be given opportunity to display their work at the free booths at the Red Sea Mall for a whole year, allowing them to launch and manage their business within six months of announcing the prize. The other two entrepreneurs will be also win complementary prizes.

The Red Sea Mall initiative aims to shed the light on the entrepreneurs creative accomplishments in Saudi, as they are an influential component of Saudi economy, through committee from Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth business committees.

“The ‘Initiatives Support’ has become the core factor of business development not only locally, but also regionally and internationally. This new strategy enforces creating new job opportunities and supports economic growth. The Red Sea Mall has always taken leading steps into facilitating numerous and diverse chances to support minor and medium projects, out of sincere belief in the capability and potential of the youth population in Saudi Arabia,” says Mohammad IB Alawi, CEO, Red Sea Markets Co. owner of the Red Sea Mall.