Freedom Pizza launches its #SafetyDelivered campaign

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based pizza concept Freedom Pizza is on a mission to promote a strong safety culture among its delivery drivers and the public at large. The company recently launched a powerful initiative, Safety Delivered, to drive its mission forward, tapping into people’s mindsets and behaviour on and off the roads.

It all started with Freedom Pizza’s 125 delivery drivers (and growing) who often work for a greater purpose – to support their families and provide a better future for their children. This triggered the very essence of the safety message, giving the mission the heart it needs to spread.

“As a mission focused company, we are ethically and morally bound to ensure that our drivers have high-quality safety gear, new and well maintained delivery bikes, provided with both medical and workmen’s compensation insurances and receive driver safety training,” shares Freedom Pizza’s founder and CEO, Ian Ohan who is himself an avid motorbike rider.

“We have taken this one step further with our Safety Delivered initiative through which we want to remind our drivers that no delivery is more important than their own personal safety or the safety of anyone else on the road. We also invite the public to consider the importance of this initiative and be mindful of delivery drivers on the roads,” he adds.

Safety Delivered is a product of Freedom Pizza’s passion and existing safety precautions, representing an evolution towards a safer driver culture. Each of its drivers are asked to sign a safety pledge that they carry with them on the road and when leaving a store for a delivery. Each driver calls out ‘I will drive safe’ as a constant reminder to honour safety on each and every delivery.

Founder of Road Thomas Edelmann also hopes motorists will take the campaign’s message on board. We hope people in other institutions will learn from this example, and hopefully we will see more of these creative yet meaningful initiatives in the future.”