Listen, don’t be indifferent to customers

RetailME Bureau

“What’s the biggest reason why customers leave you,” asks international award-winning marketing specialist Michael Leander, CEO of The Michael Leander Company to a room full of delegates at the Middle East Retail Forum 2015.

“Is it because they are influenced by friends? Is it because they are attracted by competition? Or is it because your indifference turns them away?”

“Almost 68% are driven away by indifference,” he says.

“Think about it! Brands tend to be attentive only when a customer intends to make a purchase or actually buys. It’s important to remember a simple rule about human nature: People may forget what you say or do, but they never forget how you treated them. If you treat your customers well, there’s a higher possibility they’ll be loyal to you. But they will also expect the same or better services the next time they shop with you,” Leander continues.