Don’t cry over what’s lost, face the challenge

RetailME Bureau

My grandfather Rao Sahib faced three serious challenges during his lifetime, all based on prevailing circumstances. He would tell us, “You definitely won’t face three challenges in your lifetime. I hope you won’t have to face even two. But prepare to confront at least one.” That stayed with me.

I was in Kuwait with my family when the country was invaded. We lost everything. I saw 70 years of our work disappear in a couple of hours. But I recollected my grandfather’s wise words: “Don’t cry over what’s lost. Get down on your knees, start working hard and you’ll come up again. If you can’t withstand challenges, stay in Europe after your education. But if you choose to return and join the family business, be prepared to face challenges.”

I did just that and it worked. Six years after the invasion we recovered what we’d lost and, over the years, it only got better. Before the invasion, I inherited what my family had prepared over the decades but after the invasion it was my grit that helped the business recover, and that sense of accomplishment is indescribable.

Tony Jashanmal, executive director and a member of the board of directors, Jashanmal Group