Mapic spotlight on the Middle East

RetailME Bureau

The Middle East, a fast-growing market that is attracting international brands and seeing some spectacular retail property developments, is a region of focal interest at the upcoming International Retail Property Market, which will see the US as the Country of Honour this year.

The Middle East is in for a lot of attention at Mapic, which will be held in Cannes from November 18 to 20 this year. Some of the big developers from the UAE, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will be showcasing their projects on this unique platform that allows real estate professionals to explore new market opportunities, network and form new alliances.

“Consumers constantly seek new products in the world’s largest shopping centres. The Middle East is a particularly fast-growing market that is attracting international brands. This year, we are playing host to a number of major shopping centre developers and well established master franchises from the Middle East. This way we can showcase the entire scope of the region’s development opportunities,” explains Mapic director Nathalie Depetro.