Recipe for a happy business

RetailME Bureau

Think of a unique concept that’s creative yet practical. Understand your customers and tailor your services and products to suit their needs. Build an emotional connect with them. Offer them something new every time they walk into your store. Take risks but only after careful study and learn from your mistakes. Don’t give up but gain experience. Empower your team. That’s the recipe for business success in a competitive environment.

I wanted to deal in something that makes people happy all-year round. What could be better than gift wrapping, which is such a happy business!

Aysha Butti Al Muhairi is founder, CEO & MD of Wrapt, a home-grown gift wrapping concept. Self-motivated and energetic about pursuing new ideas, she finds inspiration in undertaking small and big things in life, be it a course in diplomacy management or perfume-making. Or cooking for the family. Or travelling extensively. It’s this penchant to do different things that drove her to traverse the comfort of government service to the risk and rigour of the private sector to set up her own business.