SAP urges Middle East organisations to tackle complexity in the IoT era

RetailME Bureau

Middle East organisations must tackle complexity in their operations to avoid losing potentially 10% of their profits, urges SAP.

In the emerging digital economy, IDC predicts global smart objects will increase from two billion in 2006 to 200 billion by 2020. These inter-connections could unlock a value at stake of $14.4 trillion, according to a report by Stephenson Strategies and SAP.

However, due to complexity, 200 of the world’s largest companies lose 10.2% of their profit, or $1.2 billion per company per year for an annual total of $237 billion, according to the Global Simplicity Index.

“Middle East organisations are being held back from capturing the Internet of Things (IoT) value due to complex processes such as scattered information, slower batch processing of data and technical limitations,” says Hannes Liebe, COO, SAP MENA.