After dairy, it’s time for shampoos

RetailME Bureau

Camel milk has a long history. Rich in protein, vitamin and mineral content, camel milk was consumed by Bedouins as a substitute for mother’s milk centuries ago. That’s the kind of nutritious value it boasts.

With people becoming more aware about the benefits of consuming camel milk, several products made using this milk variant have been launched in the last few years including chocolates, ice-creams, cheese to name a few with the most recent development being unveiling a range of camel milk shampoo as prototype at the on-going Beautyworld Middle East show.

RetailME speaks to Kirsten Lange, director of corporate communications of Dubai-based Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) that owns brand Camelicious, about the latest personal care product range expected to come available in the market towards year-end

Please tell us about your newly unveiled shampoo line.

It is called Camellure by Camelicious Beauty. The shampoo range is the first product within this line. It will of course be followed by other beauty and personal care products soon. There will be four different types of shampoos depending on the hair type – normal, dry and coloured hair in addition to an anti-dandruff variant. We’ll also launch one for oily hair. 

What prompted Camelicious to start a camel milk shampoo brand?

Camel milk in itself is a potent beauty product. It was, therefore, a logical step to expand the product line to cosmetics and personal care after our dairy range. It also made a lot of sense from the distribution point of view. The camel milk beauty and personal care products will definitely complement our dairy products beautifully.

What are the benefits of using camel milk personal care products?

Packed with numerous proteins, vitamin C, lanolin and calcium pure camel milk is rich in nutrients. Lanolin softens skin and hair. Calcium strengthens teeth, nails and hair, while vitamin C helps to grow and strengthen hair. And camel milk is naturally carrying all these ingredients. Hence, the Camellure range of shampoo will offer all these benefits. Additionally the shampoos will contain herbs, natural additives and several other minerals that will moisturise hair and will have hair fall protection elements too. 

What kind of demand do you anticipate for Camellure by Camelicious Beauty?

With the increasing demand for camel milk, we’re anticipating high demand for Camellure shampoos too. Anything related to camel milk is gaining popularity across the globe. Hence, we expect good reactions from people towards Camellure by Camelicious Beauty.

Will you take Camellure beyond the UAE?

We don’t want to keep the brand restricted to the Middle East. Our dairy products are huge hits among consumers in the UK and Malaysia and we expect similar reactions towards Camellure and some of our other upcoming beauty products.

It will be interesting to take the brand to these locations, although it is very premature to comment on expansion plans just now, especially since the products haven’t even been launched yet.