JF Street Food launches ‘Shawurger’ for limited period

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based fast casual restaurant JF Street Food continues to redefine street food with the addition of an all-new dish to their menu, the ‘Shawurger’, for a limited period only – until June 15 – at its Dubai Marina branch.

A hybrid between two much-loved classic sandwiches, the shawarma and a hamburger, the Shawurger brings the East and West together to offer something new. The Shawurger will be available in chicken and beef flavours.

“At JF Street Food, we are always looking at ways to re-define street food for the local UAE residents and visitors,” says Mohamad Bitar, founder and managing director, JF Street Food. “Introducing the iconic shawarma concept into our menu offers a perfect balance of tradition and innovation to tempt diners. We are confident that shawarma and hamburger lovers alike will enjoy our tasty fusion, available for a limited time exclusively at our Dubai Marina location.”