Dalma Mall celebrates Deaf Week with Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs

RetailME Bureau

Abu Dhabi’s Dalma Mall recently celebrated The Week of the Deaf in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs as part of its CSR initiatives.

At Dalma Mall, the focus on CSR is not ancillary, but rather, one of the core values that form a large part of the mall’s overarching mission and philosophy. The initiative is driven by the need to support and serve the community not only inside the mall but also outside. Dalma Mall firmly believes in being part of the community and society, considering itself responsible for development, care and well-being of the society.

“It is important that we not only recognise all people, but extend that recognition through inclusive activities by blending them into the mainstream. Among many people it helps and serves, the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs also assists people with a hearing impairment,” says Aysha Al Mazrouei, government & public relations manager at Dalma Mall while speaking at an event held on April 19 in the mall, which brought together experts from the Abu Dhabi Centre for Special Needs, alongside people with special needs themselves.