Al Fanar Restaurant and Café to open at Yas Mall

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based Al Fanar Restaurant and Café offering traditional Emirati cuisine in a themed rustic setting will open a new outlet at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi after Ramadan this year to mark the celebration of Eid Al Fitr. With a capacity to accommodate about 340 people, the new outlet will serve as an ideal venue for tourists and residents to experience authentic Emirati cuisine.

“We are honoured and privileged to extend our hospitality to people in a new location as we open a branch at Yas Mall. This new development is part of our strategic expansion and growth of Al Fanar Restaurant and Café as a brand,” says Hashem Al Marzouqi, Principal, Al Fanar Restaurant and Café.

Al Fanar Restaurant and Café’s menu boasts many signature historic dishes such as ‘Aysh Mohammar ma Samak Magli’, ‘Beryani Maleh’ and ‘Asidat Al Tamor’ that are rarely cooked in Emirati homes today. In fact, not many young Emiratis even know about these dishes. “We decided to include them in our menu in keeping with the spirit of our identity and to give our guests a taste of the bygone era,” he adds.