Changing with the changing times

RetailME Bureau

You must have the will power to make a dream come true. Most of us dream to start something of our own but don’t have the tenacity to work towards that goal. Mistakes will happen en route. You may also run into losses. But it’s not fair to give up. You’ll have to work hard and keep going two steps forward to see good times. Only then will your business flourish.



Textiles is one of our oldest divisions and the most important business vertical for us. Then we added retail. But the journey couldn’t be restricted to wholesale and retail. I’ve always encouraged my successors to tread different paths, which is the reason why we dabble in diverse areas such as technology, power and hospitality today.

Vashu Shroff is chairman of Regal Traders, a Dubai-based business that’s over five decades old. A veteran businessman, he is a prominent personality in the Indian community who started the Hindu crematorium, temple and textile association, in addition to being the ex-chairman and president of the Indian High School and Indian Club. He started the Indian High School way back in the 1960s, being its only teacher. That’s not all. As a social arbitrator in the Dubai Court he has settled around 3,500 cases till now.