Clarks rolls out ‘From Rats to Rudeboys’ WhatsApp campaign

RetailME Bureau

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are being heavily leveraged by retailers around the world to popularise their brands as well as build connect with consumers. British shoe brand Clarks seeks to reach out to the youth through its digital campaign for Clarks Originals on WhatsApp.

The brand is using WhatsApp to revive the history of its desert boot in a campaign called ‘From Rats to Rudeboys’, which will tell the story of the boot’s design through three characters from ‘subculture movements’ who incorporated the shoe into their style.

Through a series of WhatsApp messages, the characters representing ‘mods’, ‘the enraged’ and ‘the rudeboys’ will bring to life the cultural relevance of the brand. This campaign will also include teaser films on social media.