Morrisons prefers human touch to technology

RetailME Bureau

British supermarket chain Morrisons has stopped using its intelligent queue management (iQM) technology in its stores. This step comes as part of its new chief executive David Potts’s decision to stop using infa-red sensors to determine how customers mo ve through stores. Instead checkout teams at Morrisons will use their eye and experience to make the checkout experience better for customers and staff, giving it a human touch.

“We intend to be an organisation that listens very hard to its customers and staff and, wherever possible, responding quickly. Our colleagues in our stores are best placed to use their experience and personal judgement in deciding how best to serve their customers, keeping queues low at the checkouts, improving customer’s shopping trips,” Potts asserts.

Additionally it also plans to stop using its ‘scan rate’ technology, which measures checkout employee performance by calculating how many products they scan per minute. They will instead be assessed on their level of personal service and teamwork.