Fitness First unveils new brand identity

RetailME Bureau

Fitness First, part of Dubai-based Landmark Group, has unveiled its new brand identity – changing its logo from blue to red – and fitness philosophy based on the principles of behavioural psychology, an industry first, to encourage its members to go further in adopting a healthier and fitter lifestyle. The new fitness philosophy focuses on motivating members to go further in life with the right balance of training, healthy eating and motivation.

As part of the new initiative, Fitness First has introduced some pioneering fitness products, an enhanced club environment, a focus on service and expertise and the development of a connected fitness platform. It has also introduced a ‘Raise the Bar’ training programme where employees will learn new techniques to understand member motivation and build rapport, creating deeper connections.

Additionally Fitness First has marked another milestone with the launch of ‘Nutrition by Fitness First’ with an aim to offer provides its members wellness solutions, helping them achieve their ideal individual fitness and wellness ambitions, thus becoming a one-stop fitness shop for wellness and lifestyle solutions.

“Leadership comes with great responsibility and as a fitness leader, Fitness First constantly strives and invests in its facilities and product innovation through introduction of new concepts and services that will benefit its members. As a trusted expert, we believe it is our responsibility to motivate our members to not just push themselves in the gym but go further in life as well and inspire others to do the same,” says Fitness First COO George Flooks.

“We believe that fitness contributes to building confidence in individuals which in turn helps them achieve a lot more in life and hence we want to bring fitness into people’s lives, inspire them to perform beyond their own expectations and go further in life. From our own perspective, we are confident that our new identity and innovative product offering will take our brand further, perfectly complementing the changes underway.”

The new brand identity will be extended to a larger number of Fitness First clubs, including the 80-to-100 clubs that have already been earmarked for as a part of a five-year expansion plan in new territories and markets that show growth potential. In the short-term, seven new clubs are set to open during the financial year 2014-15 and an additional seven in 2015-16 financial year.