Al Barza offers authentic Emirati cuisine with a modern twist

RetailME Bureau

Part of Dubai-based Al Madani Group of Companies, Al Barza Restaurant & Café adds a fresh twist to the traditional Emirati cuisine. The name ‘Al Barza’ means a gathering place, reflecting the goal of the restaurant to be a chosen destination for people seeking to try Emirati cuisine presented in a contemporary manner in an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance.

“It’s a unique dining experience for guests – a combination of authentic Emirati cuisine coupled with aesthetics. We’re not trying to create a fusion, as most, if not all, the ingredients are very much used in Emirati cuisine, but the idea is to redesign, evolve and enhance the level of authentic Emirati food progressively. This is one of the first modern dining concepts derived from our Emirati heritage and traditional kitchen. Since we have long experience in franchising, I am planning in future to franchise this concept as well,” shares Mohammed Al Madani, chairman & CEO of Al Madani Group of Companies.

Al Barza offers several food varieties spanning from the traditional to more adventurous, including a variety of main dishes such as Jasheed, Majboos, Thareed in addition to an elaborate Emirati breakfast. Located in Beach Road, Jumeirah 1, Al Barza Restaurant & Café offers visitors the opportunity to choose between indoor seating, including 32 seats, and the outdoor area that can accommodate 73 seats located at a spectacular wrap around garden.

“Thus far the feedback we received very positive customer feedback. We have incorporated many of their suggestions to improve our menu to satisfy our loyal customers. Additionally, we’ve also applied the highest standards in quality and service to deliver Emirati food inspired by our heritage and served in an enchanting modern setting,” adds Al Madani.