Two decades on, DSF remains a grand show

RetailME Bureau

Dubai’s Tourism Vision 2020 seeks to attract 20 million visitors annually. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) brought in 4.5 million visitors during its month-long run (January-February) this year. Which means the target isn’t as far-fetched or over-ambitious as it may seem to many. What makes it more believable is Dubai’s ranking in the global retail sweepstakes – second only to London in attracting global retail brands.



The 2014 Global Retail Development Index ranked the UAE fourth among 30 developing countries as a magnet for retail investment. So it’s doesn’t come as a surprise that the Dubai calendar is a year-long chain of shopping events, DSF being the jewel in the crown. It’s the time tourists as well as residents look forward to for deals, promotions and mega offers that have transformed the event into a hugely successful global brand and the longest running (20 years and counting) shopping extravaganza on the planet.