Serving customers from the heart

RetailME Bureau

If you’re running a business, it’s critical to understand the consumer psyche. The starting point is to see yourself as a buyer – ‘How would I like to be treated when I go to buy something?’ If you walk into a store and feel unwelcome, you’ll possibly never return. On the other hand, if you are greeted by friendly and helpful store executives when you enter a store, you instantly feel satisfied and are willing to spend your well earned money there. Importantly, you’ll become a loyal customer. That’s why, for any business, it’s important to make your customers feel welcome and ensure they leave satisfied.



We are in the electronics business, selling the same products our competitors sell. We have very little scope to innovate, something the manufacturers already do. Given this scenario, where is the scope for retailers like us to create a point of differentiation? Why should customers buy from us and not from someone else – be it hypermarkets or specialised electronics stores? At Jacky’s, we work hard to give consumers one basic – but big – reason to buy from us. That’s our service – the way we treat them when they enter our stores, assisting them throughout their shopping journey.