Simplicity is the key in using technology

RetailME Bureau

At Middle East Retail Forum’s Retail Business Owners & CEO Conclave Patrick Bakey, executive vice-president and general manager for global retail at SAP, talked about technology fostering waves of retail disruption, driving a rich and appealing customer journey.

Retailing is all about listening to customers and giving them what they need. If retailers connect with their customers and communities, they open up opportunities to scale up their brands, regardless of their size. Failing to create the right opportunities and not engaging in the right conversation with customers can destroy or erode their brands and ruin their ability to generate brand visibility.

“The future of retailing will be like a series of waves cascading on our beaches, and these waves will be relentless and unending. They could either create great opportunities or huge risk profiles. That’s the nature of the industry,” points out Bakey.