World’s first CNN Traveller Cafe at Abu Dhabi International Airport

RetailME Bureau

The American cable news channel CNN is looking to connect with business travellers with the launch of the world’s first CNN Traveler Café at Abu Dhabi International Airport. CNN Traveler hopes to keep flyers busy with a news ticker displaying the latest headlines above the counter and a series of television sets. Through the café CNN can diversify its target audience by tapping into wider demographics.

“This is the first CNN Traveler Café worldwide. Engaging with business travellers was a natural fit for us, as a channel that talks for consumers on the go effectively,” says Rani Raad, chief commercial officer at CNN International. “Many of the leading news channels in the US are walking away from the older demographic, because it is becoming harder to grow this audience,” comments Raad, adding that the choice of an airport as a location was a good fit for the company.

With Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports evolving into global hubs, serving as connecting points, the news channel plans to open its second branch at Dubai International Airport next spring as well as consider opening a branch in Abu Dhabi’s new Midfield Terminal Building in 2017.