Bright prospects for ME travel retail market

RetailME Bureau

Travel retail is a lucrative and growing business in the Middle East, given the steady growth in tourist numbers to the region. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation says these numbers will treble by 2030, touching 149 million. Region-wise, the GCC leads in growth of passenger traffic.

Dubai International Airport started the year with a record 6.5 million passengers in January, up 15.1% year-on-year (y-o-y). Abu Dhabi International Airport recorded 1.6 million passengers in January, a 14.5% increase. Queen Alia International Airport, Amman posted 4% growth in passenger traffic in 2013, hitting the 6.5 million figure for the year, the number registered in December being 478,245 passengers, 8.4% over the

corresponding month of 2012.