Retail Certification Series to be launched November

RetailME Bureau

Retail Pro International, the University of Dubai and the Dubai Chamber have partnered to deliver a new Retail Certification Series aimed at fostering sustained retail growth in the Middle East. The training series looks to accomplish this by equipping retailers with today’s best practices and progressive strategies for effectively positioning their enterprises for dynamic growth or change. This ongoing certification series will offer two new courses each semester beginning November 2, 2014, presented by the world’s top experts in retail strategy and management.

This collaboration is the result of an ongoing collective effort of the three organisations to empower the region’s Emirati in the interest of facilitating and expanding upon the Middle East’s exceptional retail growth over the past two decades. The region continues to be one of the world’s most explosive retail growth markets as investment continues to flow in from domestic and multi-national organisations.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr Eesa Bastaki, president of University of Dubai, says: “The University of Dubai will devote its best resources for this unique project, which is aligned with the UD’s educational mission. As part of our commitment to provide education based on quality standards, the university will deliver the new Retail Certification Series to the leading business sector in Dubai and the UAE.”

The two courses offered during the first semester of the Retail Certification Series focus on developing a retail strategy for store management and merchandising. Both will be taught by Dan Jablons, a recognized global retail strategy.

Retail Pro International continues to reinforce a strong commitment to retail development in the Middle East, with the upcoming launch of the Retail Certification Series.

“Supporting the development of a sustained, world-class retail culture in the Middle East is a high priority for Retail Pro, and that is obviously an interest shared by many of our trusted partners in the region as well,” says Kerry Lemos, CEO, Retail Pro International.

“It’s no secret that empowering the Emirati with expertise and tools is an essential part of accomplishing this goal, because the Emirati ultimately enable the mechanisms that drive retail success in the Middle East. I’m really optimistic about the outcomes that the Retail Certification Series will produce, and its future prospects,” he adds.