SMEs to get three-month free shelves at hypermarkets, says OCCI

RetailME Bureau

Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) manufacturing Omani products and representatives of hypermarkets had a joint discussion on the implementation of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (OCCI) initiative – ‘Muntajee’ or ‘My Product’ – aimed at helping SMEs showcase their products at hypermarkets. The initiative has eased procedures for SMEs to have shelves in hypermarkets allotted for selling their products.

According to OCCI officials, the shelves will be free of charge for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months, which will provide SME owners with the opportunity to reach out for buyers and market their products. In response to the difficulties faced by SMEs in competing with popular products in the market, Saeed Saleh al Kiyumi, OCCI chairman, says, “Competition is healthy. However, I think that owners of SMEs need to improve their marketing strategy and should be well trained in that area.” He also said that the type of product, which will be presented at these stores, should be of a specific type suitable for display in these stores and should comply with the laws and requirements of those institutions.

Mohammed bin Nasser Al Shraiqi, OCCI board adviser, said that 58 owners of Omani industries and products and 10 hypermarkets and supermarkets participated in the discussion. He added that the purpose of the meeting was to bring the owners of SMEs and big stores in Oman to agree on the best ways to deliver products from small and medium-sized business owners to the consumers directly through these stores.