Promoting new ideas for retailers in Iran

RetailME Bureau

The 4th Iran Retail Conference was held in January this year in Tehran. With its mission to promote knowledge and skills of Iranian retail managers, the conference welcomed new, diverse and inspiring views that form the foundation for debates and solutions for the industry.

Some of the topics covered by the conference were international retail trends; opportunities and threats of Iran’s retail industry; role of the government in Iran’s retail industry; investigating various retail business models in Iran; trends of Iran’ shopping centre industry; role of technology in planning, managing and developing retail; merchandise planning and effective merchandise management and its role in increasing the profit in retail; developing designs of store format and investigating various store formats and store concepts; strategies for sourcing, supplying and buying and its role in increasing efficiency in retail; and main issues in planning and operational management of hypermarkets.

A retail exhibition was also organised alongside the conference that attracted suppliers of software, hardware and decorations related to the retail industry. An area was also dedicated for shopping centres to liaise with chain stores and retailers. The exhibition concentrated on four main segments such as shop fitting, lighting, architecture and store design; the entire spectrum of product presentation, visual merchandising and POS marketing; retail technology; and exhibition stand construction, design and special events.