Yellow Cab Pizza enters the UAE

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based Hospitality Consultancy & Investment Group (HCIG) has signed a franchise agreement with Philippines-based restaurant chain operator Pancake House to introduce its New-York-style pizza chain Yellow Cab Pizza Compan y in the UAE, with two branches scheduled to open this year.

The 10-year master franchise agreement will introduce the brand into the UAE market and across the different emirates with main emphasis on Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The company’s expansion plans for the first five years is to open more than 15 outlets, in addition to sub-franchising opportunities.

Established in 2001, Yellow Cab Pizza has grown into a international restaurant chain with more than 110 outlets around the world. To appeal to more than just pizza lovers, the restaurant also offers a number dishes including pastas and a good selection of appetizers and desserts. Yellow Cab Pizza outlets in the UAE will offer a variety of sauces and a selection of cheese mixes on offer for Asians, Arabs and Europeans. The restaurant will also introduce a breakfast menu which includes coffee, Lebanese style pizza, and New York bagels.

“Yellow Cab’s New York-style pizza is truly exceptional and we’re very excited about introducing it to the UAE market. We are looking forward to opening our first two branches in the capital and I’m sure it’s going to add a competitive edge to the collection of brands that already exist in the market today,” says Richard Haddad, CEO, HCIG.

“For us, this agreement means that Yellow Cab Pizza is growing even further and venturing into new markets. We believe that the brand we’re offering is going to be a great hit in the UAE and would open doors for it to enter other Middle Eastern markets,” says Richard Backstrom, international business development manager, Pancake House Inc.