Costa Coffee offering camel milk in UAE outlets

RetailME Bureau

International coffee chain Costa Coffee has started offering camel milk as an ingredient option on its menu in the UAE. The ingredient was available from Wednesday in over 30 Costa Coffee outlets in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, with regular drinks available in camel milk instead of regular milk. The brand will also launch a new strawberry camel milk cooler, which blends fresh camel milk, strawberry and vanilla.

“Camel milk and dates were the traditional diet of the Bedouins up until the mid-20th century throughout the Middle East. Now this tradition is being introduced to Costa Coffee UAE where you can enjoy a delicious camel milk cooler or simply add camel milk to your favourite Costa Coffee drinks,” says Costa Coffee UAE general manager Eric Hughes.

According to Hughes, camel milk will be a popular alternative to cow’s milk, particularly for those with lactose intolerances. It also offers a range of other health benefits – has 50% less fat than cow’s milk and is high in vitamins and minerals including vitamic C and calcium.