Casio India forays into Kolkata

RetailME Bureau

Consumer electronics company Casio India, a subsidiary of Japan-based Casio Computer Company, has opened its first store in Kolkata’s Forum Mall. The outlet stocks product categories such as electronic musical instruments, watches and calculators, among others.

Under watch category, the showroom will display five segments including Edifice + Sheen, G-Shock + Baby-G, Protrek + Outdoor, Youth and Classic to target specific consumer segments with relevant product & focussed communication.

“The Casio India showroom is designed to enhance the shopping experience in every product category. Through differentiated display of visuals and props in the watches category, we can deliver focused communication to respective consumer segments and enhance consumer experience. On the back of such clear-cut product positioning, focused communication and technology-oriented products, we will create many brand loyalists as consumers can choose the category that reflects their true personality,” explains Kulbhushan Seth, vice president – marketing of Casio India.