Marmum Dairy Farm posts higher retail sales for 2012-13

RetailME Bureau

UAE-based dairy brand Marmum Dairy Farm, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments (DI), has recorded a 10% growth in retail sales during 2012-13 compared to 2011-12.“Such strong retail sales growth is a result of our strong and evolving product portfolio includ ing high quality, fresh and healthy dairy products and juices. Along with launching new products, we are also adaptable to market dynamics and keen on developing our facilities and products to emphasise on our high quality, safety and health standards,” says Waeel Barhaji, deputy general manager at Marmum Dairy Farm.

“As part of the brand’s development strategy, we have also redesigned the packaging of all our products to give it a fresh and new. Take the example of Laban Cool, which comes in a newly designed bottle to distinguish different flavours. Additionally, the company plans to soon re-launch in an all-new premium packaging its mixed berry, strawberry, fruit cocktail, orange carrot and apple juice variants, among others,” he adds.

With plans to introduce a range of product variants in line with market demands, the company is targeting a 15% and 20-to-25% growth in its dairy and juice categories, respectively, for the current year. In fact, in the last few months, Marmum has launched products offering healthy options that are not primarily commercially-driven. All these products are rich in vitamins A, D, E and K2, mainly focused on improving, developing and maintaining a balanced diet and healthy living.