Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group to offer 15 kilos of gold this DSF

RetailME Bureau

Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group has announced details of its Dubai Shopping Festival promotions, offering gold and diamond jewellery shoppers with opportunities to win 13 kilos of gold in daily and weekly raffle draws, 500 gold coins in hourly SMS draws and instant cash prizes up to AED 2 million. The 32-day campaign from Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group will offer jewellery shoppers with 5 chances to win gold – 3 chances to win gold coin every hour through hourly SMS draws in addition to kilos of gold to be won in daily and weekly mega raffle draws this DSF.

Over 100 jewellery retail outlets across Dubai will participate in the campaign that presents customers a chance to win one gold coin every hour in the hourly SMS draw, 3 gold coins at the end of the day (daily mega SMS draw) and 20 gold coins in final mega SMS draw in addition to quarter kilo gold on the daily and 1 kilo gold each on 5 weekly raffle draws. To take part in the fantastic winning spree, customers need to spend only AED 1500 on gold jewellery purchases or AED 800 on the EXPO 2020 Dubai, Candidate City special edition gold coin from any of the participating outlets.

In addition to the 15 kilos of gold on offer, there is also an opportunity to win up to AED 2 million in cash through a special ‘Scratch n Win’ promotion that is aimed at shoppers of diamonds, pearls and watches. Anyone spending AED 1000 or more on diamond jewellery, pearls or watches is entitled to one ‘Scratch n Win’ coupon with chances to win instant cash.

Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group has also launched a special edition 4 gram gold coin to celebrate Dubai’s candidature status for the most awaited EXPO 2020 bid.

“This year we offer five exciting chances to win gold during DSF, with 454 winners and gold to be won every hour through SMS draws. In addition to the daily and weekly raffle draws for quarter and 1 kg gold, this year’s promotion is all set to change the perspective on winning during DSF,” says Sunny Chittilappilly, the chairman of Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group.


Over the years, Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group has given away over 683 kgs of gold during the various editions of Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises.

The key sponsors of the campaign are Joy Alukkas Jewellery, Malabar Gold, Meena Jewellers, Sky Jewellery and sponsors Atlas Jewellery, Kanz Jewellers and Chittillappilly Jewellers.